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Situated on the Rügischen Bodden


mönchgut living & spa is situated at the Gager marina, one of the most idyllic harbours on the Rügischen Bodden. Yachts and other craft moor here and traditional fishing boats land their fresh catch almost daily. Nowhere else on Rügen can you buy fish, fresher than here. In the sauna area, and the resort lounge, you have a front-row view of the comings and goings on the water. The distance between all the accommodation and the 'bodden' is only between 50 and 150 metres. So from the moment you arrive, you will be in a maritime holiday mood! 

In the heart of a romantic fishing village

The marina forms the heart of the romantic fishing village of Gager, which winds its way along the coast between the Hagenschen Wiek in the north and the Zickersche Berge in the south. You can feel that the pace of life is slower here than that of the more hectic seaside resorts of the island. Even in high season, you will find peace and relaxation in this state-approved resort. Nature sets the tone and the many thatched houses in the village blend harmoniously into the magnificent natural scenery. The pleasant climate between the Baltic Sea and the 'bodden' is a blessing for the body and the senses all year round.

Untouched nature at the foot of the Zickersche Berge

Gager lies against the backdrop of the Zickersche Berge which, like the rest of the Mönchgut peninsula, forms part of the UNESCO Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve. The hilly landscape, characterised by wild meadows and small forests, is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of Rügen and a unique paradise for hikers and nature lovers. From the Zickersche Berge, you can enjoy magnificent views of the 'bodden',  the headlands as well as the Baltic Sea. The landscape, reminiscent of fjords, is the perfect place to unwind. On the other side of the Zickersche Berge lies Groß Zicker, another tranquil village worth visiting.

Not far from a long sandy beach


In the idyllic surroundings of Gager, you can enjoy all the usual beach pleasures: One of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Rügen is only two kilometres from the resort. The ten-kilometre long natural beach with its fine sand is largely free of wicker beach chairs and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and taking long walks. On some sections, you can sunbathe nude and dogs are allowed on certain sections.

Close to famous seaside resorts

The most popular seaside resorts of Rügen are within easy reach. Each has its own character. Göhren adjoins the unspoilt Cape Nordperd, Rügen's most easterly point. Baabe has a relaxed beach atmosphere while Sellin is known for its stately villas in 'Spa Style' along Wilhelmstraße. Binz is the most sophisticated of all the resorts. In spite of their closeness to Gager, you remain protected from their hustle and bustle. It is hard to imagine a better location!

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